Hello readers, my name is Candido D. Montijo, and I want to use this blog to impact and engage Christians or the unchurched with my thoughts and words from a Biblical perspective. I love stories, heroes, villains, the Bible, and writing from my experiences. I wanted to use Ashes of Diversity to show how we come from diverse points of life, and when we allow God to intervene then He can take our Ashes to be used for His story. I will have some story blurbs, responses on Biblical questions, prayers, Christian Gaming Perspectives, Make-you-think blogs, and more!

I have a heart for youth to young adults as I want them to own their Christianity, take their knowledge and impact their culture. I am hoping that someday God will open the door for me to be in Full time ministry where I can change lives for Him. I hope that all kinds of people will read my words, go study their Bible (know God), and share their thoughts and the love of Jesus to others in Discipleship or in Relational. I do believe the church needs to build a relationship with the culture again, for there are many hurting and searching. We need to be the Salt and Light!

I am gamer, a husband, a follower/disciple of God, a teacher, a servant, a counselor/mentor, and I humbly wait for God to use me wherever He needs me, and I write because I know God wants me to impact you for some reason!

Chariot of Fire (GW2 guild): http://www.christianfire.enjin.com

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OdidRed


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