2 comments on “Can we have Christian Communities without compromising?

  1. I believe that instead of the word “community” we should be focusing upon “Zion”. I had realized that what I mean when I say community is not what many think of when they think community. Zion is the place where brethren dwell together in unity. Zion is the place where angels cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”. Zion is where communion takes place. Zion is is the heavenly reality manifest into flesh and blood. Zion is resurrection. Zion is the truth of God being lived out through His Body. ZIon is where we spend everything and are expended for one another’s sake. Zion is where the Church manifests the wisdom of God unto the principalities and powers. Zion is where heaven and earth meet. It is everything that the apostolic proclamation declares Christianity to be, where “grace was upon them all”, and “they went from house to house daily breaking bread.”
    Grace and peace in Christ. May He stir in you jealousy for Zion, for the apostle wrote “Ye have come unto Zion” (Heb 12:22).

    • Intriguing thought I will have to look into that more. Community is just what is used in society and will connect with people who are unchurched. Using the word Zion would go over their heads of those who were not brought up in Christian homes. Plus with our current culture speaking with certain words may not attract them to be curious about Christianity. This is something that has recently come to mind that from talking to a few friends who did not like to read Christian books because of it being too technical. So… I have been wanting to write in a way that can relate but teaching the truth.

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