9 comments on “Christian Gamer’s Perspective: Morality in game affects Real Life

  1. Early in this posting you stated some very true facts. I also believe you are seeing the true person behind the avatar. SInce their true face is hidden behind a computerized mask people allow themselves to remove the lie they show the world and to show who they really are. I agree there needs to be more Christianity taught. NOt only to the players, but the manufacturer of thee games as well

    • I agree with you as far as the players go, but you cannot expect the manufacturers to do so. That is the downside to freedom that not a lot of people understand who tend to only see things in their perspective. Freedom and equal rights must be equal over the board. We don’t want certain groups pressing their beliefs on us, so we too can not expect to do it to them. That is called hypocrisy. Unfortunately, most people in America are guilty of this. Freedom works in all directions. The key is to hold dear to your own beliefs, don’t allow anyone to take them away, but don’t force them on others. You have to look with unbiased eyes. Live your life and let others live theirs. If people would only do that our country would be so much better.

      • That is why I am looking at it from my beliefs. People in general are born with sin otherwise we wont need so many rules and laws to keep people from abusing the land, human rights, or anything evil. In fact what is interesting about Scripture is that Adam and Eve were given ONE rule to follow “DO not eat from the tree of good and evil in the center of the garden” (Paraphrase from Gen 2-3), The rule was not to disobey, but pride got into the way and they sin. In gaming you can see that nature show like a light bulb in a dark room. In fact it doesnt take much for many people to show their colors in a community chat. Those who have morals whether they are Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist are only considered moral if they are taught standards. From a Christian perspective it is by the Holy Spirit that we do not have to give in to our sin nature without a way to avoid it.

        I to do not expect gaming companies to fight this issue. I hope to band fellow Christian gamers to remember how to act. That God does not expect us to put our Christianity on a hanger as we play games. Ultimately if a game makes you angry or feeds any form of sin (stumbling block) in your life you should run from it as Joseph did. Dealing with morals and standards as we play is easier to do if we enter our hobby with a right mindset. In a Christian Perspective, we should be honoring God and playing the games with a good attitude.

  2. Michael Halding had an article about the moral, ethics, and behavior of gamers in comparison in real life in 2010 on his old website. It was a great read and very in-depth. I assume after reading your post you must have read his work as well. I completely agree. Your morals and values must show in whatever you are doing and if you look at the gaming community, everything is going down hill.

    • Actually I have never heard of Michael Halding nor what he wrote on this. This is something I learned back in 2004 when I played my first MMORPG. I realized that I was playing for myself and not God. I had to decide God or my pride/desire for control. When I decided that to go back to playing an MMO again, I committed my hobby to God, and even today I use it to minister to people I meet.

  3. I would like to say well done sir. I appreciate that you stated that SAO is an anime and while their are a lot of anime I would not watch it’s nice to see a Christian who doesn’t think that anime is morally wrong. God has given us a great blessing through this article ,giving us great guide lines on how to play games for Him.

  4. HallPass…. I have to say your definition of hypocrisy is off the mark. I do agree that none should impose their views on others. Unfortunately those that do not consider God to be real ARE imposing their views onto others. One of the main venues for this is through MMORPGs. That is why there is a need for Christians to get their point heard once again. Those that call themselves Christian are being too silent. They need to become more focal, but in a nice and open manner, not through protesting or suing people to deny them the right to do what they believe is right. Those that do not believe in God are protesting and suing. Per your definition this makes them hypocrites.
    Hypocrisy in actuality is someone that shows themselves to be on thing say for example a happily married man, but in reality he is having an affair. That is hypocrisy.

    • Yeah I agree, basically we need to step out of our closed doors and be willing to minister. I am not saying we should preach in every guild city or flat out condemn people in chats; but I will speak truth if someone asks the questions publicly. As a Christian gamer my hope is to show how we can still enjoy our hobby in gaming, but be ready to minister. Especially since MMO’s are a very social network that can be a great place to impact other gamers.

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