3 comments on “Christian Gamer Perspective: What are Guilds?

  1. As a Christian gamer myself and have been for over 25 years; I understand where you are wanting to go with this. The main problem though is not the gamers, but the gaming companies. Most if not all have rules which do not allow to show or even mention faith. All you can do is play by example. Show your Christian ways in the games you partake. If the opportunity arises if voice chat then you have they change to go further with how you think and believe, but to actually verbally and loudly state in game of your faith or your intention to spread the word you are soon after banned from the game.

    • I beg to differ, I have been gaming for 10 years in MMO’s. I have been a leader of 3 solid Christian guilds, officer of 2 others, and I have recruited a lot in several games: WoW, LOTRO, SWOTOR, and GW2. I always mentioned Christian in all my recruits publicly. I also put that we are Christian on our websites and forums on those games. The Key is to not be Christian only so you do not violate.

      I have been told by players that I have violated, but in each situation the GM’s/Admins have told those people that we are not violating because we are not soliciting in the game or preaching in the game. The company rules are not the issue. As you pointed out looking for the opportunity, but I have publicly voiced my beliefs in global chats and never once been banned or scolded by an Admin. I have defended my faith, and I have seen non-believers defend Christians. We have more of a right in games than you seem to realize.

      I have had over 250 conversations in games in my 10 years of MMO’s, many public, many private. The issue is the gamer directly because if you truly want to look opportunities in games then you will find ways to do so without violating rules. I think I will have to write my next article on ways to evangelize/fellowship through games. Just to give people ideas without violating company rules. Christian Gamers would rather not voice who they are for many reasons. The truth is in most Christian guilds they are only interested in gaming (period) and do not have a heart to minister to the gaming community. If we could change our mindset, can you see how we can have fun and impact the gaming community? The gaming world is more like the real world even though we play a game, the person behind the screen could be someone looking… searching for Jesus and not know it. How are we to be a Light in the gaming world when we look just like and average joe?

  2. Oh I do understand. Btw, I would welcome a post on how to spread the Word in game. Yes I agree that several do use the game to escape and not follow their faith in the MMO world. It is sad when I see this. I actually play GW2 now time to time and have no active guild I play with due to the lack of finding those that think as I do. So I would like to see an article that would allow me to be a better missionary within the MMO world

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