5 comments on “Christian Gamer Perspective: Gaming has REAL people behind the Screne

  1. Thank you for this write up. I’m helping for a Christian friendly guild in preparation for a new game coming out the end of this year called “Shroud of the Avatar.” I’m researching and learning how to manage such a group (I’ll be a chapterhouse in a larger guild). I think you have some other writings posted. I’ll read those and figure some things out. If I have any mind bending questions I’ll message you (if you are available). Thank you and have a blessed week!

    • I am the leader of a Christian Gaming Portal called Awakened to Redemption (awakened-enjin.com). Thanks for sharing. If you need thoughts on Management i can help you out on that. I am also now the guild leader for our Guild Wars 2 Chapter (Salt of the Earth).

      • I’d like to check out that portal if you can pass me the full address (I couldn’t bring it up). Right now the game is still in development alpha phases so it’s mostly hard core gamers and investors hanging out in the forum. But already I’ve seen small nudges from the Lord in how people are affected by conversations or things they notice after we talk. It only makes me think how “thirsty” folks are online for His Word and don’t know it. I’m looking forward to seeing how our guild develops and what kind of people show up and how they grow.

  2. Always enjoy your posts brother. Thanks for sharing even if I’ve heard some of this from you in TS there is still more I’ve read that I didn’t hear. Great challenges, reminders and encouragement here. You’re appreciated!

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